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5th and 6th Supply List
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello Parents:

     We want to welcome you and your child to the fifth or sixth grade.  Your child will need the following items donated;


1.    Paper, Pencils, colored pencils, simple calculator, hand held pencil sharpener, permanent markers, highlighter,  one 3-ring binder for Science, and a zippered bag or pencil box for storing things


2.    $5.00 per student for locker rent  - Mrs. Reed will do this later in the week.


3.    $13.00 for Social Studies Weekly Readers, Science Spin, & maps (6th grade ONLY) give to Mrs. Ott


4.    $5.00 for AR Program, both 5th & 6th grade – give to your homeroom teacher


5.    Reading and Math workbooks may be purchased later.


This is optional but we really need your help with the following items that are used daily by students;


              2 boxes of Band-Aids


             2 antibacterial wipes, 2 Kleenexes, & 1 paper towel


**Make all checks out to NSM**


Thanks for all you do, we greatly appreciate it.


  We look forward to a GREAT year!



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